From the recording Hope Social Club

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Written by Damon Folwer


I Hope it’s Gonna Rain
Words & Music: Damon Fowler

It’s a hard night, it’s been such a long time
I’m just gonna kick back, rest my eyes ease my mind
All along, I don’t want no one around
I’m just gonna lay here, and hear it hit the ground

I hope it’s gonna rain. All night long.

Soothe me like an ancient remedy
It takes just what it wants and gives me just what I need
Oh when I think, lord I can’t take no more
I look to the sky and beg for it to boil

I hope it’s gonna Rain. All night long.

I didn’t cry, not a single drop
My heart was pounding like a miner pounds a rock
Open my eyes wide so I can see all of my surroundings
What’s helping and hurting me

I hope it’s gonna Rain. All night long...